was founded in December 2016.

Here are 10 random facts about me…

  1. My name is Emanuela. I am 25 years old. My birthday is on the 06/02.
  2. I am Italian, living in Switzerland.
  3. I would love to eat more healthy.. but let’s be honest.. that might never happen because I love unhealthy food!
  4. Pastel colors are my thing!
  5. Since I can remember I dreamed about owning my own Chanel bag. At the age of 25 this dream became reality and I am now the proud owner of a Le Boy .
  6. I am a primary school teacher.
  7. At the age of 24 I met the love of my life, my best friend, my soulmate.
  8. I admire Karl Lagerfeld’s creative genius.
  9. I have a very small head, which is why I struggle to find sunglasses and hats that suit me.
  10. Speaking of small.. I have been called Cinderella because of my small feet. I wear shoe size 35-36 EU, which is a UK size 3 and a US size 5.